It is a condition of membership that all members and parents/ Guardians always abide by the relevant Academy Rules and Codes of Conduct. Parents/ Guardians, please ensure that you spend time familiarising yourself and your child with the club rules. We aim to make the Academy training environment as positive and friendly as possible and the Academy rules exist to help ensure that this happens. Academy rules are: -



    • Applicants to the Academy may be initially offered a trial period before being offered full membership. The Academy reserves the right to refuse any membership to any applicant.
    • The Academy reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any member for unsuitable behaviour or any action that may bring the club into disrepute. This is also relevant to parents and guardians.  
    • The appropriate annual membership fee must be paid from the 1st of August of each year to remain a member of the Academy, and Scottish Gymnastics.
    • All members must have SG/BG membership. Any member’s fees or Scottish Gymnastics membership which are not paid when due may be deemed as not being a member of the Academy.
    • CGA adopts the SG Child Protection Policy, does not tolerate bullying and operates equal opportunities for all.
    • The Academy has a Scottish Gymnastics recognised Safeguarding Officer. Any problems or concerns regarding aspects of the Academy and its members may involve the Safeguarding Officer.
    • Parents and gymnasts are requested to build up an open, positive and supportive relationship with the coaching team, and coaches are requested to maintain open and positive communication with their gymnasts and gymnasts’ parents.
    • Any person interacting with the Academy must adhere to the relevant code of conduct.
    • Central Gymnastics Academy will not stand for abusive behaviour towards coaches, volunteers or management and will not hesitate to contact the police.
    • The Academy will not be responsible for the loss or damage to personal belongings.
    • Only gymnasts, coaches and authorised individuals are allowed in the gym in normal circumstances. If you wish to speak to a coach, please make arrangements to discuss any matters 10 minutes after session ends.
    • No jewellery may be worn at any time (including belly bars), long hair must be tied back, and t-shirts must be of a non-slip material. No football logos should be worn to classes or crop tops. Where possible the Academy uniform should be worn.
    • Gymnasts/parents must inform coaches of any injury or medication being taken before commencement of the session.

    Please see further policies and procedures in relation to our General Rules.


    ·      Monthly subscription fees must be paid by the 1st  of each month. The subscription payment is continuous for each block, irrespective of illness, injury or holidays and are non-refundable.

    • All Competitive Members must give the academy on months prior notice if they decide to cancel their classes.
    • Parents/ Guardians are responsible for cancelling their monthly fees.
    • The Academy is open during school holidays therefore fees must be paid during any holiday periods in order that you keep your child’s place.
    • Classes cancelled by the Academy due to a Global Pandemic, Adverse Weather Conditions, Weather Warnings, Flooding or Blackouts will not be rescheduled or refunded.

    Please see further policies and procedures in relation to Academy payments and refunds.


    Drop Off/ Collection

    • Central Gymnastics Academy will not accept Legal Duty of Care for any gymnast until they have entered the facility.
    • The front and back doors will now be locked ten minutes into the start of your child’s class and re-opened before the end of your child’s class. If you are running late or need to pick your gymnast up early please speak to a coach or call 01786 464777 to make alternative arrangements.
    • No parents/carers are permitted to stay for the duration of the session as we do not have the space to accommodate all parents.
    • Please beware that in the unfortunate event that you are forty-five minutes late to collect your child from class and we cannot get in contact with yourself or your Childs emergency contact, we will have no other option to call the police.

    Please see further policies and procedures in relation to travel, drop off and collection to and from the Academy.



    • All parents/guardians of members, when signing the registration & participation form must make it clear if they do not agree to photographs being taken from time to time of their child, whether directly or indirectly during normal sessions or events that the Academy holds. These photographs may be used at the Academy’s discretion for promoting the Academy.
    • No pictures or videos must be taken in the gym unless by prior agreement from the head coach.

    Please see further policies and procedures in relation to Photography within the Academy.



    Class Organisation / Structure

    • All gymnasts have a responsibility to keep the gym tidy and in good condition. Gymnasts are responsible for tidying up after themselves.
    • Gymnasts are not permitted to change classes or training times unless by prior agreement by the head coach.
    • The Coaching Team will decide which competitive pathway is best for each individual. When determining which pathway is most suitable for gymnasts there is several factors involved. Gymnasts maybe able to change pathways at a later date.
    • The coaches' judgments about group placement for the purpose of safety, attendance, and session efficiency are final, and neither the gymnast nor their parent may contest them. We will however help you to understand why we made our decision.
    • Unless under the direct supervision of a coach or given specific instructions, Gymnasts are not permitted to use any of the equipment.
    • Gymnasts must only work on the instructions given by the coach. Coaches will explain what gymnasts are to work on and why.
    • Gymnasts may not be guaranteed a place in any given competition the Academy chooses to competes in, just because they are on a competitive pathway. Our coaching team has the final say in these matters and considers a variety of variables in addition to gymnastics ability.
    • Should you wish your child to train at another Gymnastics club or organisation (even on a trial basis) then you must notify their coach prior to doing so.
    • In matters of teaching – Our Head Coaches decision is final, but our Head Coach will communicate with parents and/ or coaches to help them understand why decisions were made.


    Please see further policies and procedures in relation to Academy class structure, organisation, and expectations.


 Reviewed 23/11/2023