Central Gymnastics Academy is dedicated to Scottish Gymnastics’ Vision, an uplifting experience for all.

Your rights that we will champion are:

  • Take part in gymnastics in a positive, safe, fun environment free from bullying
  •  Feel valued and protected
  • Be able to ask questions and be given information, have your views listened to and respected
  • Tell your coach or member of the performance team if you are in pain during training
  • Be yourself and not be discriminated against
  •  Know that you can speak up without it affecting your place in a team

Gymnasts agree to:

  •  Be friendly and supportive to everyone and offer help if needed
  •  Practice and participate fairly and be trustworthy.
  • Behave with respect to others including coaches, venue staff, officials, other gymnasts, parents, team managers and spectators.
  •  Respect the rules of my club, those of the facilities and Scottish Gymnastics
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of age, sex, gender identity, disability, marital or civil                 partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, religion, race, ethnic origin, nationality, political beliefs, socio-economic status or       sexual orientation.
  •  Always strive to show the best of myself and refrain from inappropriate conduct towards others including physical, verbal, written          or emotional, in person or through use of social media
  • Be a positive role model and refrain from bullying and getting involved in inappropriate peer pressure and push others into           something they do not want to do
  •  Set a good example at all times in aspects of dress, punctuality, language, behaviour and respect of equipment and others
  •  Wear suitable kit
  • Not smoke, consume alcohol or drugs of any kind
  •  Report inappropriate behaviour or risky situations to a member of staff
  •  Arrive at training sessions on time and ready to participate fully.
  •  Understand that chewing gum and wearing any jewellery whist training and competing is not allowed.
  • Only use my phone in training or competition for development purposes such as filming routines.  Permission for filming must be   given by the coach.
  • Never post offensive or hurtful comments or comments on social media that could be seen as disrespectful or upsetting. This      includes making negative comments relating to coaches, officials, volunteers, coaches, gymnasts, and support staff.
Breaches of the gymnast code of conduct shall be dealt with in the first instance by the coach in the first instance.

Incidents will be reported to the head coach and safeguarding officer (if relevant) who will impose such sanctions as seen fit.

These include the following:

  • Be required to apologise formally
  •  Receive a warning; verbal or written  
  • Suspended for a period of time
  •  Behaviour reports
  • Be required to leave the club

 Reviewed 23/08/2023