Family Play  is a drop in play based experience which is Parent Led. Gymnasts get to explore all of our fantastic facility guided and supervised by our coaching team. We will have a variety of different set ups of equipment that will be suitable for a mixture of ages and abilities. These sessions are for gymnasts 5yrs and younger during term times, over the holidays older siblings are more than welcome to join in the fun. These classes are pay weekly on arrival and cost £2 per person entering the gym ( 1x Adult and 1x Child = £4). Safety instructions will be issued to all parents at the start of each session. Last entry will be 30mins prior to the end of session.


  • 1:00-2:00pm
  • 1:00-2:00pm

Come along and join in the fun!

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Family Play/ Open Gym Rules

1.     All Family Play Users must register their child with our Online System.

2.     Family Play is part of our BabyGym and Mixed Recreational Programmes.

3.     Family Play users must sign their selves and Child into the gym upon entry.

4.     Family Play costs £2 per person that enters the gym which is payable at the start of each session. (1x Adult - £2 1x Child - £2 – Entry £4)

5.     I acknowledge that taking part in any activity session at Central gymnastics Academy involves risks and may result in physical injury.

6.     Parents must disclose medical needs of all participating children to a member of the coaching team prior to activity commencing.

7.     Parents must be aware that they should not subject their child/children to any activity that is against medical advice or recommendation.

8.     I acknowledge that central gymnastics academy does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to personal property.

9.     No foot wear allowed in any of the apparatus areas.

10.  No food or drinks to be consumed in any of the apparatus areas.

11.  Parents/ carers must directly supervise their child/children at all times

12.  Only four children to one parent.

13.  If you wish to take pictures/ videos of your child/children, you must inform a member of the coaching team beforehand. No other children can be included in any picture or video without that parent’s consent.

14.  Please be aware of changes of floor level and density when moving around the gym.

15.  If you require first aid assistance, please speak to a member of the coaching team.

16.  No large apparatus should be moved by parents/carers.

17.  Please refrain from blocking fire exits with push chairs and prams

18.  Suitable clothes for exercise must be worn.

19.  Children’s socks can be removed for better grip.

20.  Parents are solely responsible for their child/children at all times.

21.  Be careful on the inflatable as it has unstable surfaces especially at the edges.

22.  I acknowledge that if I have any questions about safety, I should ask a member of the coaching team.

23.  The presence of a member of our coaching team does not remove your obligation to supervise minors that you are responsible for.

24.  We do not tolerate any abusive or threating behaviour to our coaching team.

25.  The coaching team have the right to restrict use of any equipment.