1. General

a)    We are a Coaching Team and shall aim to help each other in not only our own development but the development of the Academy as it continues to grow. 

b)    Coaches will hold appropriate BG qualification, insurance cover, PVG and CPC.  

c)     CGA Coaches follows BG's Policy and Procedures of staff/volunteers. 

d)    Coaches will be aware of and adhere to all CGA Policies and Club Rules. 

e)    Coaches will always share and report any incidents, referrals or disclosures immediately, following the appropriate guidelines set out in the BG Child Protection policy.  

f)     Coaches will ensure that they are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst conducting the business of the club. 

g)    Coaches will display consistently high standards of behaviour and appearance, dressing suitably and using respectful and appropriate language at any time whilst involved with club's activities. 

h)    Coaches will Strive to be a suitable role model for the Academy's members. 

i)      Coaches will not air their opinions on Academy Business, Uniform or anything in connection with the Academy in the Open, coaches must organise a meeting with the Head Coach if they have concerns.  

j)      Coaches will not discuss Academy related business in the open if they have any concerns please organise a meeting with the Head Coach. 

k)    Coaches must understand all coaching matters and Academy business are private and confidential and should not be discussed with parents, gymnasts, family or friends. 

l)      Coaches must not comment on other coaches work or view their opinions on another coach in the open, coaches must organise a meeting with the Head Coach if they have concerns.  

m)   Coaches will not openly discuss gymnast development/ performance, if you have a concern about a gymnast please organise a meeting with the Head Coach.  

n)    Coaches will not make any derogatory comments about another Coach, Gymnasts, Group of Gymnasts or Discipline within the Academy.  

o)    Coaches will make sure that confidential information is not divulged unless with the express approval of the individual concerned (unless this is a Child Welfare issue).  

p)    Coaches are solely responsible for organising cover if they cannot make a class and should inform the Head Coach at the earliest possible convenience.  

q)    If a Coach is unwell they are solely responsible for finding cover as well as inform the Head Coach as soon as possible.  

r)     All Coaches must arrive for sessions punctually allowing sufficient time (15 minutes at the latest) to set up and prepare for the first class. 

s)     Coaches are only entitled to a twenty-minute break if they are working a six-hour shift. If coaches do decide to take a break during a shorter shift this will be an unpaid break. 

t)     Coaches should be wearing appropriate Club Uniform.   

u)    Coaches mobiles phones will remain in the Office at all times. Please inform your relatives of the Academy‚Äôs Office number (01786 464777) if they need to get a hold of you in an emergency. 

v)    Coaches belongings should be left neatly in the Office.  

w)   Coaches must ensure that the office, kitchen and both toilets are organised and tidy before they leave the Academy. 

x)    Coaches will not leave the Academy until the Gymnasium is tidied, and all equipment is returned to its original place.  

y)    Coaches are not permitted to eat in the Gymnasium and must consume food in the office  

z)    Coaches will administer first aid or inform the designated first aider if any injury/accident occurs. 


2.  Coach and Gymnast relationships

a)    All gymnasts regardless of race, skin colour, religion, ability or disability all gymnasts will be treated fairly and equally. 

b)    Coaches develop an appropriate working relationship with gymnasts based on mutual trust and respect  

c)     All gymnasts deserve the same attention and care regardless of the level of participant. 

d)    All Gymnasts deserve the same opportunities and time on equipment regardless of the level of participant  

e)    Promote the positive aspects of gymnasts (e.g. fair play, respect for others)

f)     Coaches will Praise for good effort and performance and not just for results  

g)    Encourage gymnasts to value their performance and not just results 

h)    Never exert undue influence over gymnasts to obtain personal benefit or reward


3. During Classes

a)    Coaches must not sit down during classes. 

b)    Coaches must not use their mobile phone during classes  

c)     Coaches will ensure all activities are appropriate to the age, ability and experience of those taking part and ensure all participants are suitably prepared physically and mentally when learning skills  

d)    Coaches will always report and complete accident forms for any gymnast who has had to sit out of a session, due to an accident/injury. Inform parents and suggest further treatment if you deem it necessary. 

e)    Coaches will consider the well-being and safety of participants before the development or performance.  

f)     Coaches must show great enthusiasm during Classes- especially during Recreational Classes. 

g)    Coaches should not stand around the gym chatting- the gymnasts experience is more important than your conversation.  

h)    Gymnasts should not have to wait for their turn on the apparatus while you finish a conversation  

i)      Coaches must ensure that they are actively helping during the stretch and not standing talking or sitting down letting someone else do the work.  

j)      Coaches must do what the Head Coach says without question if you have a concern please arrange a meeting at the end of the training day. 

k)    Coaches must ensure that their stations are tidy before they move onto the next piece of apparatus. It is good curtesy to ask the next coach if they would like anything left out, (if not completely tidy up your stations) This should not eat into the next coaches time on that piece of apparatus.  

l)      Coaches must ensure that all Recreational Gymnasts get the opportunity to develop skills on all pieces of Apparatus no matter their age or ability. Recreational Gymnasts have not signed up to a specific discipline and are therefore entitled to experience all the Gymnastic disciplines the Academy has to offer.


Reviewed 07/08/2023