Central Gymnastics Academy

Fire Evacuation Procedure 

It is essential that gymnasts and coaches act in a calm and orderly manner in the event of a fire, and it is important that they are instructed in the appropriate procedures to be adopted in such circumstances. The following guidance has therefore been prepared for your assistance in formulating a simple but effective fire routine. 

1.     Anyone discovering a fire should immediately sound the nearest fire alarm call point. Younger gymnasts should be instructed to inform the nearest member of the coaching team.  

2.     On hearing the fire alarm gymnasts and coaches should make their way by the nearest fire exit to the Assembly Point in the front car park. The coach should follow at the rear with the appropriate class register closing as many doors as possible 

3.     The head coach will check the toilets and changing area for gymnasts separated from their class.  

4.     The head coach should process to the assembly point where role call will be held 

5.     Gymnasts not actually in the class when the fire alarm sounds should process immediately via the nearest exist to the assembly point where they should join their class.  

6.     Coaches, volunteers, administrative staff and cleaners, other than those who have been allotted specific fire routine duties, should also report to the assembly point.  

7.     No one should re-enter the building until permission is given by the Fire Service Officer in charge. When informed that it is safe to re-enter the building, this will be done under the direction of the Head Coach.  

8.     The fire officer should be met by the Head Coach on his/her arrival at the premises and notified whether or not all persons have been accounted for. 

9.     The fire service should be informed immediately of all fires, no matter how small. 

10.  Normally, fire drills should be held at least twice per Year.

11.  Circumstances will dictate whether fire fighting should be attempted by the coaches, however, it is emphasized that fire fighting must always come second to the safety of life.  

Reviewed 07/08/2023