All Gymnasts must register with British/Scottish Gymnastics and Central Gymnastics Academy each year to ensure your child has valid Insurance. 

  • New members must visit and simply click the join button at the top of the page and follow the instructions on your screen.
  • Renewing members will receive an email from Scottish/ British Gymnastics with details on how and when to renew.

The Academy receives a confirmation email each time a member joins or renews membership. All Gymnasts are required to have both British/ Scottish Gymnastics and Central Gymnastics Academy Membership to be able to attend classes within the Academy.

Membership Fees

Central Gymnastics Academy

  • General Membership - £10

British/ Scottish Gymnastics

  •  Preschool Membership - £13
  •  Recreational Membership - £19
  • Competitive Membership - £43

**OPENGYM Gymnasts only require British/ Scottish Gymnastics Membership**